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CLASS organises and hosts a multitude of events for our community and stakeholders. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for event updates.

Date & Time
26 April 2022 
Date & Time
21 December 2021
Date & Time
8 February 2023
The Arts House
Date & Time
1 December 2022, 
9.20am to 10.15am
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Stay tuned for the latest information and articles on copyright and licensing which chronicles our journey over the years.

The Copyright School Challenge: Video Competition Awards Ceremony was held on 8 February 2023 at the Arts House for the top 10 finalists. Launched in April 2022, this video competition was organised by [...]
IPOS and the Ministry of Law Singapore have released draft subsidiary legislation on the regulation of collective management organisations (CMOs). You can assist in ensuring the effectiveness of CMOs [...]
Members of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) elected a new Board of Directors during its 25 October 2022 General Assembly in Brussels. Mr Andrew Fong, CEO of CLASS, [...]
Talent is critical to business innovation and competitiveness. The most resilient economies and fasting growing businesses are those establishing a clear lead in the development of digital skills to win [...]
The importance of protecting copyrighted works should be part of any lesson plan that engages the students’ knowledge and prepares them for professional life after school. Educators have a role to [...]
The National Seminar on Managing Copyright in Malaysia Education was held on 18 August 2022, marking the establishment of the Malaysia Reprographic Rights Center (MARC) as the only authorised collective [...]
Our world is enriched by the contributions of authors and publishers. Original works are protected by copyright in order that creators and copyright owners can be fairly compensated for their contributions. [...]
The Copyright School Challenge: Video Challenge is back this year with more opportunities to ‘Express Creativity with a Video‘. The objective of this competition is to encourage and educate youths [...]
CLASS hosted its teacher webinars series to help teachers evaluate copyright issues and address reusing copyrighted content challenges while teaching. As part of the CLASS outreach series, the webinars  [...]
The Copyright Licensing & Administration Society of Singapore (CLASS) held its 12th Bursary Award on 1 December 2022, granting bursaries worth over $100,000 to forty students from local polytechnics [...]
CLASS is delighted to announce the top 10 finalists for the Copyright School Challenge: Video Competition. Below is the list for the shortlisted Top 10 finalists. Teams Copy KCP and KCP Productions [...]
About the Competition The Creative Writing Competition is aimed at inspiring primary school students to write as well as empower them to express their creative thoughts and opinions through poetry or as [...]