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Be A CLASS member

Membership at CLASS is open to published authors and publishers. CLASS protects the interests of copyright owners by acting as the conduit between rights-owners and users of copyrighted works.

Beyond receiving royalties when your works are being copied, not only does joining CLASS help step up our efforts in stamping out illegal copying. But it also creates a network of support dedicated to fair compensation and upholding the rights of various creators!

If you're still unsure about joining us as a member, not to fret as we've got you covered below with bite-sized pieces of information, giving you a preview of what membership with CLASS is like.

Or, if you're set on becoming a CLASS member, please complete the membership form, letter of undertaking and listed supporting documents. Once completed email it to CLASS via info@class-singapore.com and mail the originals to 1 Wallich Street #14-01 (Guoco Tower), Singapore 078881 today!

What CLASS Membership offers

As a CLASS member, you are entitled to many exclusive privileges

Licensing on your behalf

Through CLASS’s licensing schemes, your published works are automatically included for use by licensed colleges, schools and universities etc. If your work is used, you’ll be paid based on the license fees received by CLASS. Because of CLASS international arrangements, your works are also included in the repertoire of its sister collecting societies worldwide

Distribution Payments

CLASS distributes royalty payments on a yearly basis. Members whose works are used by CLASS licensees and appear in the records submitted by licensees will receive a share of the royalties collected by CLASS, subject to certain conditions. Please refer to the CLASS Distribution Policy for more details.

CLASS Membership Policy

Please refer to the CLASS Membership Policy for details on membership criteria, the rights of a CLASS member, the procedure for general meetings of members, and other information relevant to members.

What’s The Catch?

There is absolutely no catch. The good news about membership with CLASS is that it is completely free. We believe that in building a community whose foundation is built upon trust and transparency, that no one should have to fork out money in any shape and form to sustain such a network. It is with this methodology that in it's near two and a half decades of operations, CLASS has managed to continuously champion the rights of authors and publishers to aid in the development of intellectual property for all to enjoy.

However, please be noted that members will only receive royalty payments if their works have been found to be copied by CLASS’ licensees.

Please refer to the CLASS Distribution Policy for further details.