Private Educational Institutions (PEIs)

In 2015, CLASS and Australia’s Copyright Agency (CA) formally established a partnership to add value to its members, and copyright users in both Singapore and Australia.

This partnership has over 25,000 local and international members including publishers, journalists, artists, photographers and authors. It offers a licence for PEIs to reproduce, store and share words, images and other creative content, in return for fair payment. In doing so, we connect the creators, owners and users of copyright material.

CLASS has since taken over to manage this licence exclusively for Singapore. Licenced PEIs can continue to easily access material without infringing copyright. It provides an effective solution covering all staff and allowing you to make the most of the content you source, wherever you source it from.

With the licence PEIs can enjoy:

  • Freedom and flexibility – Instant access to an abundance of both domestic and international digital and hardcopy material.
  • Convenience and ease – With the licence you will no longer need to identify and search for copyright owners, gain permissions, negotiate terms of use or maintain records when you make a copy.
  • Peace of mind – Do you know what any of your teachers or trainers are doing in any classroom on any day?
  • Compliance/risk management – With the availability of digital technology and the internet, copyright infringement can occur at the click of a button. This licence is an effective way of enhancing and/or maintaining your current compliance programme.