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What's Licensing all about?

CLASS’s core business is copyright licensing. We act as the conduit between members who are owners of copyright works and users of copyright materials who are our licensees.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we do our best for rights owners’ to obtain equitable remuneration for their works, and reasonable fees from users who use these works as we serve the needs of educators and students, who need to use copyright works for educational purposes.

Fees are calculated based on several criteria such as student enrolment, course type, usage of copyright material etc. Fees collected by CLASS are then collated distilled, checked before they are distributed back to rights owners in our annual royalties distribution. Distribution is based on surveys and records gathered from licenced institutions.

Who should be licensed?

If you or your institution/organisation make use of copyright works, for example, you photocopy material from books, articles from newspapers and magazines or download works, you are required by law to seek permission from the publishers/authors before using them.

Doing so without permission is an offence under the Copyright Act. But if you obtain a copyright licence from CLASS, the licence will allow you or your institution/organisation to photocopy copyright works legally within the limits as stated in the CLASS Licence.

To find out more about how you can go about obtaining a licence, please contact CLASS at info@class-singapore.com