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E-mail us at info@class-singapore.com with your institution/organisation name as the e-mail subject matter with the phrase ‘Request for CLASS License Renewal’ and we will get back to you within 2-5 working days.

Yes, you are able to apply for a CLASS license independently without the need to be affiliated with an education entity or organisation. Please contact us at info@class-singapore.com for more details regarding this matter!

For all materials regardless of their form, ensure that only a ‘reasonable portion’ of a published work can be used. ‘Reasonable portion’ can be defined in the follow manner:

  • Up to 10% of a printed work or one chapter (whichever is the greater);
  • One article from an academic journal, newspaper, or magazine;

For more information on this, contact us at info@class-singapore.com

Whether you are a public or private educator, the CLASS license allows you to improve the quality of your teaching materials considerably as the CLASS license enables you to draw information from licensed works in the creation of teaching materials.

The mentioned licensed works include but not limiting to:

  • Content from books, newspapers, journals, printouts, photocopies of other print material with information, websites;
  • Use text and images in either print and/or digital format

The CLAS license will also allow you to have the permission to disseminate the content of rights holders in the following manner:

  • Via e-mail;
  • Making it available on learning management systems and/or e-learning portals

Having a CLASS license means that you will have more flexibility in the creation of teaching materials and/or handouts that minimises your chance of infringing copyright laws.

You can sign up and join as a CLASS member, click here to complete the CLASS membership form, the letter of undertaking and listed supporting documents. Once you have completed the paperwork, e-mail us the paperwork at info@class-singapore.com and mail the physical copies to

1 Wallich Street #14-01 (Guoco Tower), Singapore 078881.

Yes, by being a CLASS member, your works will also be protected through a number of bilateral agreements that CLASS has with reprographic rights organisations globally, and through the global network with the International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organisations (IFRRO) of which CLASS is an active member.

You can expect that the rights of your works will be protected through CLASS license agreements with licensees that includes educational institutions in Singapore.

As a CLASS member, your interest as a licensed work holder will be protected by CLASS as CLASS will act as a conduit between rights-owners and users of copyrighted works.

The sign-up fee for CLASS membership is completely free.

The CLASS membership is open to all published authors and/or publishers in Singapore.

Copyright infringement usually occurs when the works of a rights-holder or creator has been copied, printed, and/or distributed without prior permission from their original creator.

Copyright protection is important because it ensures that the rights holders and/or creator of original works are fairly treated and paid for the use of their materials.