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As Senior Vice President, Education, at Scholastic (International), Dr Duriya has oversight of Scholastic’s global education business and she brings an in-depth understanding of the diverse and complex contexts of international publishing and product development and the implications for intellectual property development, distribution and protection therein, particularly in the light of rapid technology development in recent times and the challenges posed by use of Generative Al in protecting Intellectual Property and the rights of Authors and Publishers. She is a member of Scholastic’s Workgroup on Gen Al that worked to draw up the corporate guidelines on its use.

Throughout her career, Dr Duriya has been focused on bringing best practices in pedagogy, particularly in literacy and math to the diversity of learners, educators and parents through solutions that are culturally and contextually appropriate. She is best known for introducing Singapore math pedagogy and programs to more than 50 countries around the world, including the US and in India, and other countries in Asia.

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