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The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations (IFRRO) has elected CLASS CEO, Paul Wee, to its Nominating Committee which screens prospective candidates seeking a position on its Board of Directors.

Paul joined three other officials from Argentina, Italy and Malawi who were elected during IFRRO’s annual general meeting in Tokyo last November. This is the first time a representative from Asia has been elected to the important committee at IFRRO, whose members comprise of 145 national copyright collecting agencies from 83 countries.

Together with the three officials from the other copyright management organizations, Paul will help review aspirants seeking to join the IFRRO Board of Directors, ensuring that only suitably qualified candidates stand for elections for key positions on the world intellectual management body.

IFRRO works to protect and enable easy legal access to copyright material — from academic works, through newspaper articles, novels and sheet music, to photos and illustrations, especially for large scale copying of works including digital uses.

It is at the heart of rights management across the world, enabling authors and publishers to work jointly to satisfy their clients (libraries, universities, colleges, schools, public offices etc). IFRRO also fosters partnerships and dialogues between stakeholders to ensure a flexible service, responding to the varied user needs within the framework of copyright law.

It aims to eliminate unauthorised copying by promoting collective management of rights through RROs (Reproduction Rights Organizations) such as CLASS.

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